Gili Eco Trust

Gili Eco Trust

We guarantee:
– Responsible and professional in garbage disposal.
– Minimize waste disposal at landfill (TPA).
– Maximize waste recycled.
– Waste recycling is packed and shipped from Gili Trawangan.



Sorting systems use colored trash cans.booket2indo
– Easy to follow.
– Can separate your waste efficiently.
– Daily waste disposal that minimizes environmental damage.


We want your glass!
Places are provided on request.
Call us to pick it up when it’s full.
Any type of glass can be collected – bottles, broken glass, food jars, windows, glass, etc.


Gili Eco Trust will recycle all of the shard in Gili Trawangan for sand to be used in making strong and durable bricks / blocks for your new building.
Brick: 1block per IDR 3.500;
Glass / shard can also be recycled according to your business needs.
For reservations, email:


Save your leftovers!

Separating organic and non-organic foods is very important. If mixed, the waste will decompose into air pollution and the animal can eat toxic plastic waste. Keep your food in a sealed place and we can clean it every day.
This waste will be used as organic compost fertilizer.
We sell organic fertilizer (compost) for garden for IDR 50.000 / 25kg.
For reservations, email:


Trash is too big for the trash?
Building and construction debris, used goods, trash. And garden trash will be taken every afternoon.
Seeing something out of place?
If you see a pile of garbage carelessly or waste management is not good, please contact us, we make sure will clean and move it.



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